Friday, September 22, 2006

Truth In Advertising...

Disclaimer: Mr. Right (ever the worry wart) wants me to emphasize greatly that abstinance and that you should NOT have sex prior to being married.

Is that clear now? Okay, with that said, this is just stinkin' funny!

Additional disclaimer: I left this in the comment section when a couple of readers thought that the commercial seemed anti-children. I just wanted everyone to know that that was not the intended point: Please don't read into this commercial as my saying that kids should not be. I know that they are gifts to be cherished, loved and protected. They aren't to be avoided, but it is best to have them when you are ready - that is when you are married and there are two of you to raise the child to be a blessing to you and others.

The sad thing about the commercial is that while the child has his fit, the father does nothing to stop or to modify the uncontrolled fury of the child. He was not ready to be a parent. The sad thing is that it is the child who will suffer the most in the end.


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