Friday, September 29, 2006

Facing the Giants

Hey, all! I JUST got this info from a friend. I certainly think that as many people as possible should go see this movie...even if you're not into football, to show Hollywood that we, the American people, support movies with this type of message!


There is a new movie coming out the last weekend of September.

God is very up front in this sports movie. I am frankly surprised that Hollywood would even make a movie like this. But, they did and the reviews so far say that it is very inspiring, along the lines of Remember the Titans and Rudy, but with a much more spiritually-driven overtone.
Here's an opportunity to tell Hollywood once again that these types of spiritually inspirational movies are desired by a significant amount of people in America. Please do whatever you can to get the word out so people can take their entire family and friends to see it including forwarding this email to friends & family.


Sony Pictures has put this film in 400 theaters throughout the country.


They are only giving it ONE weekend to succeed or fail. This weekend is it.

Look and see for yourselves if you think it is worth our support. Check and see if it is playing in a theater near you.


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