Wednesday, June 07, 2006

WFMW - Falling with Style

First of all, remember this WFMW... it looks like it will be quite a turnout if everyone shows!


Now for this weeks...

When you get up in the morning to go for a solo run and this happens:

Here’s what you do.

First when you fall, you think “Not the cell phone!”

Then you think “Oh, man!” (Not once did a cuss word enter my mind. I am so proud of myself!)

The time it will take you to get up from the fall, retrieve the phone and keep running, will probably 2.4 seconds.

Don't look around to see if anyone saw you. You really can't redeem yourself from that kind fo disaster, so just keep running as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the run, go upstairs to wake someone like him. No NOT him, someone like him. This man has his hands full enough with me already as it is. He cannot take on anyone else...

Have him help you first by taking pictures of the injuries so that you may blog your WFMW post; then he will help to clean you up.

Then he will give you kisses to make it feel better.

Then he will take more pictures to show his handiwork.

Next, if he really loves you, he will give you a big cup of coffee to really make you feel better.

Then you dress in pants and a nice shirt so that no one at work will know what a dork you are, except for those who read the blog and will now call to give you a hard time.

Resist the urge to go find them and push them down. That is not Godly behavior.

Lastly, write up the post really (striving to not despise Blogger because it will not post all the pictures that you wanted to post) so that all your blog friends can leave comments like “Poor baby” or something like that so that you will feel the love, especially since you couldn’t crawl back into bed after your morning began like that.

Begging for sympathy works for me!

Go to Shannon's blog to get some real tips from others much more graceful than me.

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