Wednesday, May 31, 2006

WFMW - What to do for lunch

Do you ever wonder what you can do for lunch? You are tired of the same old same old choices, and you just want to have something that will be enticing, satisfying and fun.

Then follow these instructions to a "T" and you will be guaranteed a great lunch and a memorable time.
  1. You look at your calendar and you pick a Saturday, June 24th to be specific.
  2. Then you clear that day of any obligations or commitments. Ship your kids off to some friend's house for that time or talk your spouse into doing parenting duty. Go ahead and do the same for Friday and Sunday, if possible. It's really so much better if you can make a weekend of it.
  3. Then you get in your car, fill up the tank and drive. If you would rather fly that is just as acceptable. The point is to go.
  4. Make your way to Kansas City and join a "Lunch of Bloggers", specifically with many of your blogging friends from the Midwest. (Dutch treat, of course.)
  5. You will get to eat yummy food ($10ish), talk face to face with some of your new friends and laugh quite a bit (priceless).
  6. And when the restaurant decides to kick us out, we can adjourn to a home, say mine, and continue the fun and friendship, fellowship and food. Who knows? Cookie dough could find its way into the festivities, too. You know coffee will.
  7. Oh, and before you leave, make sure that you email Shalee to say that you will be coming so that she will make sure that there are enough places for everyone at the restaurant and so that you will have all the information that you need to participate.

That's one way that I know to make sure that you have a fun lunch. A get together with friends will always "work for me!"

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