Thursday, May 18, 2006

TT 6

Thirteen Things Shalee has to do in order to get caught up after taking a week's vacation...
  1. Do the meme that Addie tagged me to do. (Almost done, Addie!)
  2. Find my desk in my office.
  3. Clean said desk to be in office.
  4. Plan 4 different meeting events.
  5. Go grocery shopping.
  6. Do laundry. (Even though Mr. Right did it while I was gone, it still mysteriously keeps coming back...)
  7. Do the meme that Jeana tagged me to do. (I'm working on it, Jeana!)
  8. Wash sheets on all the beds... because you know Mr. Right, although incredibly wonderful and romantic, did not even contemplate doing them.
  9. Find a bathing suit... Maybe that could be put off until... say... September.
  10. Plan out the kid's summer.
  11. Figure out some romantic getaway for Mr. Right and me.
  12. Eat lots of strawberry pie... because it sounds so good!
  13. Do the meme that Gibee tagged me to do. (Get in line lady!)

And that's just the tip of it all...

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