Wednesday, May 24, 2006

WFMW - The Perfect Graduate Gift

I have a fantastic graduate gift that works with both sexes! I came up with this one about 10 years ago, and every grad who received it, loved it and has thanked me for it later, in addition to the required thank you that they send out after going through their graduation loot.

Buy some postcards and postcard stamps. (How many you give each grad is up to you.) Apply stamps to cards.

Fill out the address side with YOUR name and address. (If one of the grads was a babysitter, then I used my kids' names on some of them.)

Then fill out the note side on most of them. For example, I gave some to my babysitting grad last year and one said this: "Dear Shalee, I can't believe how different college is from high school. I love being here and making these new friends. I sure wish that I had some of your wonderful homemade chocolate chip cookies to share with them... I would be sure to make more if I had those! I miss you so much. Give hugs to the kids for me. Love, ____________."

Or this one: "Dear Shalee, School is so hard right now. I can't think straight and I really am sick of the cafeteria food. Would you please send me some yummy stuff that I can snack on while studying? Thanks, _____________."

I gave her one of each with one of my children's name, and left it blank for her to write a personal note to each of the kids. But at the bottom was a "PS Send cookies."

Some I left blank for her to fill out, but with the PS on those too.

Then I tie the cards together with a pretty ribbon, with a card instructing the grad to use when needed. They can use them all in the first year or spread them out. It doesn't matter to me!

Do you see where I am going with this? I made many presents, without much cost to me right now. The grads get to use them in the future while at school, knowing that they will get some yummy care packages. We all get mail sometimes over the years. (My kids are thrilled with that one!) And I have the perfect reason to eat cookie dough make cookies. The cost is divided up over the years, so I don't have to go into hock to give them something nice. And it's personal - the way a gift should be.

That's it in a nutshell; it's simple, but it Works for Me!

To see some other wonderful, "Now why didn't I think of that?" ideas, go to Shannon's place, Rocks in my Head (oops) Dryer. She is the wizard behind the curtain on this one.

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