Monday, June 05, 2006

Let Me Introduce You All To...

We all probably know her as "Susanne" as she calls herself on your comments. Probably because that is her name... Just a guess there. She is a certified blogger in the sense that she loves to peek into our lives and leave her comments about the things that we are going through in life, to offer encouragement, or to make us laugh.

But there was something missing in her comments. Her name was always just plain old black. No life, no blog, no link.

That was then; this is now!

Introducing (Ta da daaaaaaaaaaa!) Susanne who is Living to tell the Story. She is nervous and excited about sharing her views with you, but I know that you will rally around her and give her the blogging support she needs as a newbie in this blogging world.

Venture on over to her place and give her a warm welcome as she narrates about her life within the Story. She's ready to weave a nice yarn about life, kids, work and Christ, all knitted together to make a beautiful tapistry of insight.

Either that or to tell a story that will make coffee come out your nose... Maybe you should leave your cup on the counter when you make your way there.


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