Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nine Kinds of Weird

So I have no idea why HolyMama would tag me for this kind of meme. I'm sure I'm the most normal person you could ever meet. But I will scrounge to find the nine required listings.

  1. When typing, if I am really close to where my error in typing is made, I must delete every letter to that error and start over - even if the other words were spelled correctly. (I've done it twice in typing this sentence.)
  2. I know the words to way too many songs.
  3. I must sing the aforesaid songs if they are playing. Ask Lauren. She had to sit next to me and endure my singing during the wedding luncheon.
  4. When I am in a situation where a song fits perfectly, I will break out in song and share it with everyone else.
  5. I do not like it when my kids try to tickle me. For some reason, it angers me. I really don't like this little tidbit about me.
  6. I subconsciously want to be a bartender when I grow up. I like mixing drinks. Okay... I like drinking them too. I'm such a lush.
  7. Often when I pray, I often find that my mind has wandered off to other areas that might be related to what I was just praying. A few minutes to an hour later, I will realize that I never finished my prayer... This drives me batty. I need some Ginkgo Biloba... I'll get some on my next trip to the store - IF I can remember to get it.
  8. I get cold very quickly, so in the winter, I have a bath almost every night just to warm up. My favorite thing is when Mr. Right, a shower guy by birth, decides to join me. That helps to warm me alllllll over.
  9. I don't always rarely never get my laundry finished in one day, so when I get up in the morning, I like to start the dryer so that if I get my act together to actually fold the clothes in the dryer, they are warm. (I do this no matter the time of year.

Okay, should it alarm me that I typed out the list without hesitation and was ready to continue on with that list until I realized that I was only supposed to do nine of them? Oh boy. I may have to do some self-evaluating here...

(evaluating... evaluating... evaluating...)

Okay, I'm weird.

Now let's here some more strangeness from blogland. I want to know what is weird about Shannon, Chilihead, Faith, CMommy, AggieJenn and Heather.

And Susanne, I know you tagged me for the Meme of Three... I'll get on it, I promise!

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