Monday, August 21, 2006

Bring Them On

I don't know about you, but I find that so many parts of my life goes in cycles. From PMS to levels of desires in cleaning, from energy levels to hours of sleep, from friendships to workload. They all seem to ride the waves of highs and lows, from backburners to extremely important. Sad to say, my spiritual side does not escape this sequencing.

It seems that I go through all sorts of spiritual levels, mainly in my reliance on God. I don't mean to say that there are times when I really think I don't need Him. I know that I am fallible and need God's strength and guidance. But there are times when I don't go to Him as I should.

When life is going well and the birds are singing, I don't take to Him my little thoughts or worries. I let those slide by and don't really think to ask for Him to intervene on my part for them. I sometimes forget that He is watching over me and keeping me in His arms.

But fortunately for me, God knows my little oddities. And He knows just how to remind me that He is capable of handling everything. He has a special way of getting my attention to rely on Him, to draw my focus back to where it should be ~ on Him.

Just when things are going splendidly, my sweet Father will allow difficulties to creep into my life. He allows sufferings to send me to my knees. He permits financial burdens beyond our means to penetrate our lives. He lets me wrestle with a sin that I cannot resist on my own. You see, my God knows that I need Him, even when I forget that I do.

And it is through these difficulties that I remember to go to my Father, to ask for forgiveness, to remember who I am called to be as His daughter. I pray more often; I see His glory in more outcomes. I sing songs of praise in times of stress. I seek His comfort when I hurt. I start to remember that this loving God is faithful, even when I am not. I am reminded that this life is not about me, but rather about Him who created me and wants to use me for His plans. He also jogs my memory that I am not to go it alone. Not only do I have His strength, but I also can rely on my fellow brothers and sisters to help to see me through. They are a part of the cord that keeps me from breaking, as stated in

Not always joyfully, but always respectfully, I bow to His way. I know that eventually, perhaps sooner than before, it will turn into joy again, where despite my circumstances, health or burdens, I will see God as my rock and power ~ the only one who is to have authority in my life.

Sadly I know that after a time, God will start my cycle of remember over again - sadly because I know that I will forget His supremacy and not keep it at the forefront of my life where it belongs.

But do you know what I say?

Bring them on.

Bring on the trials. Bring on the pain. Bring on the wondering of where the money will come. Bring on the times that will leave me standing with no other strength but that of God. Bring on the situations that create in me the desire to cling to the One who is capable of doing more than I can imagine. Bring. Them. On.

Not because I desire hardships or burdens, but because if this is what it takes to be truly reliant on God and to remember where my eyes and thoughts are to be directed, then I desire His prompts and reminders that He is God. I'd rather be in His kind, loving discipline than out bumbling on my own. I've been there before and it is not a fun place to be, nor is it a pretty sight. Whereas I feel completely loved and absolutely beautiful in His arms of protection when I hang on tightly to Him.

So how does God remind you to rely on Him? Or what do you do to place Him in view and not waver from His sight? Because if you do that, I definitely need you in my cord, binding me to God all the tighter, not to mention your suggestion on how to never let me keep Him from sight.

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