Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life With Kids: The Conclusion

Last read on Life With Kids:

Mr. Right finally made it home, and my daughter begged to head upstairs. He said
dinner could wait and then slowly we made our way up the stairs. When we
arrived, we turned to our daughter and said, “This is for your birthday. Happy
10th, sweet girl.” And then we turned her around to see…

Now for the exciting conclusion of “What Did She Get For Her Birthday?”…

As we opened her bedroom door, my daughter beheld a new room. Gone were her twin-sized bunkbeds, her purple satin comforters that would not stay on her at night (even with the help of superglue) and her plain beige walls, doors and rail. Gone. Gone. Gone.

She saw a room full of colors that even Gibee would be proud to house. Aloe Vera coated the bottom of the walls, bringing brightness to her surroundings. A white chairrail divided the room, followed by her love of Guardian Angel purple. The closet and door were exchanged into the same white accenting the colors just enough to make them shine.

Her bunkbed was traded out for a full-sized bed, complete with a foam pad (her favorite). No more cold nights for her! The bed was also bearing a new comforter of many colors, used to accentuate the colors in the room. New pillows and sheets topped the bed, making it oh-so-her. The bottom of the bed was surrounded by the bedskirt that Grandma had made just for her.

Her bare previously walls were accented with a white shelf with hooks for her sweaters and scarves. On the other wall hung a memory keeper for those little mementos she could not let go. She loved having something on the walls to make it more comfortable and stylish. And the pièce de résistance was the letters that hung above her bed in a carefree fashion, spelling her name and indicating her full ownership of this haven. (To which I have Jules to thank for her rubbing them out of the big pictures. But here is an example of some of the letters.)

She turned and looked at us with the most precious smile. Gently she whispered “Thank you. Oh, thank you so very much.” Then she walked about the room, touching this and that. Picking up books that she remembered and lying on the soft bed. She even invited her brother into the room to enjoy the new view. She must really have been pleased if her brother was allowed into her sanctuary.

Hugs and kisses followed, followed by the announcements, “I can’t wait for ______ to see this!” (Insert name; it probably was mentioned.)

The evening ended with a family dinner, eaten in the newly painted dining room. The kids didn’t notice the big change in there as much, but they were talking a mile a minute again in between bites. We ran to the pool to enjoy some of the water play and then it was time to go to bed.

After tucking the kids into their beds, singing songs and saying prayers, Mr. Right and I relaxed outside in the cool air. Ah, it is good to be together again under one roof. What a blessing to be parents of kids we love, but who also kids that we really like.

Life really can't get much better than this, and for that, I'm thanking God.

***An extra special thanks to kpjara for praying that Blogger would get on the ball and load the pictures! Stupid Blogger. I had this all set to go since 9:30 this morning. Oh well, maybe it built up the excitement.


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