Friday, August 18, 2006

School Daze

Yesterday the kids went back to school. This year wasn’t as hard for me as last since my son is in first grade now.

On Wednesday, the school had a “Meet Your Teacher” Lunch. Now, I think this is a great idea for those moms who are blessed enough to stay at home. However, it sucks for those of us who have to work. The really big bummer is that they did not have an evening meet and greet, so it was either take off and make it or let the kids meet the teachers on the first day of school.

Fortunately I have a wonderful boss and work situation. I left directly from lunch and grabbed the kids to whiz up to the school right before the teachers’ meetings started for the afternoon.

My son was able to meet Mrs. Pittman, who definitely gave him some one on one connection time. We put all the supplies away and let him find his seat. He seemed to feel okay about this new teacher, and she seemed to be excited about the school year. I always love meeting teachers who WANT to do the job. (There are definitely some teachers who should do everyone a favor and find new positions. What is the purpose of teaching if you yourself don’t want to be at school?)

My daughter met her teacher too, Mrs. Adriance. She also seemed to be ready to start the year off with a flourish and pizzazz. She had my daughter put everything away and then talked with her for a short while before she was called away. I was relieved at the first impressions that the teachers left with me. I think it is going to be a fabulous year.

Later that evening when I was talking to a neighbor with an older child, I mentioned that my daughter had Mrs. Adriance, and both she and her son started excitedly started to enumerate all the magnificent qualities of her. The son had happened to have two years in a row with this teacher, and he said he would have loved to be with her longer if he could. He said that she made learning fun. The mom agreed and then also stated that her son is super prepared for middle school because although Mrs. Adriance is fun, she is also a exacting teacher who pushes each child to try harder and to go further than they thought they were capable of doing. Those are magical qualities that I love to know exist in a teacher!

Also, another unseen blessing that came from the talk with my neighbor dealt with bussing. Last year my daughter walked home from school, but this year she made it clear that she was a bit frightened because she walked home by herself. (The neighbors around us either ride the bus or their parent picks them up.) So, since I cannot get off in time to pick her up, she was signed up for the bus, even though it costs an arm and half a leg to afford it. I’d rather her be safe, feel secure and pay for it than to be the cheapskate that I am underneath, force her to walk and have her think that we don’t care about her security. My friend, when hearing that we signed my daughter up for the bus, immediately said, “Shalee, that is just not right. I drive by your house every morning to take my son to school. Let me pick her up and bring her home, especially since it is on my way.” And I thanked her, said yes, and immediately thanked God because I have been praying for him to make ways for us to afford everything since money is non-existent right now. I have been praying for money, and this is just as perfect of an answer, one better than I could expect because not only are we now keeping that arm and half a leg that we didn’t have to loose in the first place, but my daughter will be safe and secure in a friends car rather than on the bus. God is sooo good, and I don’t tell him enough. (Would you give God a little shout out for me? You can do it on your own; you don't have to post it.)

Yesterday went really well at school and today started out just as great. The kids are excited to get back to school and to making new friends while renewing the old ones. The early bedtime? Not so much.

Tonight, my son is having a friend sleep over (first time for the friend) so we are going to watch a movie, eat pizza and in general, make it a memorable experience for both of them. Hopefully I won’t be yelling at them all night to GO TO SLEEP! Maybe the chocolate chip pancakes we have for breakfast will bribe them to knock out sooner…

You may want to say a prayer for me. Patience is not my strong suit.

Blessing to you all this fine Friday. May God grant each of you a special memory of which you will surely blog about come Monday.


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