Thursday, November 16, 2006

As If You Wanted To Know

In answer to Susanne's question about the cherry stem thing...

I didn't think it was such a hard trick. I thought for sure that there would be an outpouring of comments like "I can do that too!"... much like the grass thing.

I don’t know what made me try tying cherry stems, but I have an interesting story on it.

One night, soon after I met Mr. Right and really found that I was attracted to him, but not dating quite yet, I was at my club banquet with a friend – a friend I dated the year before, but found that we were better off friends. He was actually attending the banquet with me because the guy I did invite decided he wanted to date two girls at the same time (me and another girl) and I wanted nothing of it. I figured that if he didn’t know a good thing when he had it, then he didn’t deserve me. (Mr. Right was already going with my friend Janie who was IN LOVE with him so I couldn’t ask him.) Anyway, I asked my guy friend, with the full expectation of being turned down because there were a number of ladies in my club were mad over him and one of them had probably asked him already, but to my surprise and delight he said that he would go with me to the banquet.

We went to the banquet and as it turned out to my complete surprise and enjoyment, Mr. Right and I sat next to each other during the dinner. (God had a plan in it because neither of us were responsible for the seating chart which had been set up months before then.) It was one of those situations where we found ourselves talking to each other for a duration of time and, at the same moment - without saying a word, we realized that we had been ignoring our dates, so we quickly turned to talk to them. Desserts came around and there must have been cherries on it because I popped the stem in my mouth and quickly tied it in a knot. Mr. Right, seeing this stunt, popped his in and did the same thing. My date, not to be outdone, popped his in and worked and worked and worked on it. He left and came back a minute later with it tied. I totally called him on taking it out, tying it and coming back to the table with it done. He couldn’t repeat the tying in front of us. He sulked for a while since he was shown up by not just a girl, but by me.

I could live with being a superior user of my tongue - in wit and in use.

Dress for banquet - $40
Banquet tickets - $70
Showing up a former boyfriend and sitting next to my future husband who has the same tongue capabilities - Priceless

We are both happy people...

And yeah, it did belong on the Weird Meme, but that list could have one on and on and on if I didn’t stop somewhere.

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