Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Thanksgiving Break

It was fabulous.

We had Mr. Right’s family at our place where I made a wonderful meal where we made too much food and we watched football and the cousins played well and my SIL had to go to the ER for an abscess tooth so that she could get an antibotic shot and a prescription (which she should have had looked at on Wednesday when it started hurting) and we celebrated my son’s 7th birthday (kind of - I am so running for Mother of the year) and I realize way after the fact that nary a picture was taken this week and we went out to eat a few times thanks to the generosity of my PIL - where I was able to get my Chick-fil-A fix - and we went to some friends’ house so that Mr. Right and his friend could play Xbox all stinkin' day and the girls could watch some very unexciting football and later watch Pride and Prejudice (the newer one Jeana - sorry! But I will definitely give it kudos for being CLEAN...) and then we cut our Christmas tree and have left it sitting in the house undecorated because we don’t know if the cat will attack it or not and I made cookies for the boy's birthday treats for school whereas I ate way too much cookie dough and I stayed up too late watching the Colts whip the Eagles (woo hoo) and reading a book and now I want another 2 ½ day work week.


Oh and I was thankful for every moment of it.

So... how did you spend your holiday? I'd love to hear that I'm not the only one who wishes she could do it all over again.


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