Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Now Who Wouldn't Want To Work With Me?

Last night I attended a retirement party of one of our managers. It was a lovely honoring of her and all her years in the business. It was also great to get some free wine.

When Leisa, Linda and I were sitting at a table, munching on a some of the goodies,someone accidentally turned off the lights, leaving us momentarily in the dark. I immediately yelled in the most prim and proper voice, "Get your hands off me!" in the three seconds that the lights were off. The lights came up just in time for everyone, with their fits of giggles, to turn and to stare at Leisa. She, red faced, jumped up from her seat and ran away, which of course made everyone laugh even more.

So you may want to work with me, but you may also want to sit at another table.

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