Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Next Installment of "As the Computer Turns"

Yes, once again my computer foiled my plans to work. Since they put in a new hard drive, I'm finding a few things that needed to be added back onto my system.

One of which was Flash.

So I'll share with you my request for help, once again:

Subject: I need Flash!

And I'm not talkin' Gordon. In my attempts to connect with the (my company) Interactive Directory, I seem to have discovered an impediment to my proceeding. When trying to use it, I am hit with this message: "The Interactive Directory requires Macromedia Flash Player 7.0.14 or later. Click here if you wish to proceed and download the player then run the Interactive Directory. " But when I click there, nothing happens.

Can you Flash me, in the most business-like sense? Because if anyone shows up here in a
trenchcoat, I'm locking the door.

I received a call in about 30 minutes from one of the IT employees, who while laughing first stated that he loves getting submits from me and that all 20 people in the room usually fight to be the one to answer my calls.

Just what everyone woman longs to hear. Men (mostly) fighting over her. Ahhh, life is good.


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