Wednesday, December 06, 2006


A friend sent this clip entitled "Government Employees" to me. I thought it was hilarious and very much on the mark in some of my dealings with them.

But then I started thinking about how that really is so very much ME at times in my life. Sometimes when I face a disturbance in my journey, I make the assumption that I am stuck with no way out of a situation, hardship or sin. So I start yelling for help.

"God! I need a little help here..."

Never do I see that the solution is open before me, behind me or even beside me. I'm too focused on my problem to see my way out. God has already provided many answers to my dilemma if only I would open my eyes to them.

"Hello! God, can you hear me?" I cry a little more frantically, thinking that if I'm louder, then He obviously will start fixing the things around me. I do not consider that it is me who is broken; it is me who God is fixing.

This little clip also reminds me that those with whom we travel can make all the difference. What if the lady behind the man was able to see that there was a way out, took the man's hand and lead him to the top? Sure, the clip wouldn' t be nearly as funny, but it would have shown that those we travel with can take the lead and help to guide us to the places we need to go. Am I traveling with such people? I sure hope so.

I wonder how many of us get stuck on our escalators when all we need to do is use our feet to get going again. How many of us become content with the surroundings of our lives, but when a problem arises, we find that our legs have atrophied, our muscles are weak, our thinking outside of the box is gone? Hmmm. It makes me want to do mini workouts so that I'll be ready when I have to "walk".

I hope that God will work each of us through our own personalized little training exercises today so that when we have trials, we can run like a sprinter rather than sit and quack like a lame duck.


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