Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Humbled and a Blessing

Okay, I was seriously floored by your responses from Friday's post. What an encouragement you all are. Thank you from the words of affirmation and support that y'all showered on me. You have no idea how deeply they have touched my heart. It seems that my trepidations were all for naught.

I have to admit that I sweated over that post - mainly about your reactions. I actually had Mr. Right read it before posting - something I have never done- because I wanted to be sure it wasn't "too much." Even when he have the nod of approval, I had the post sitting on my computer all day, waiting to be published. I finally just hit the publish button and walked away. I guess, in a way, your opinions about me do matter after all. Everyone wants to be accepted and find approval from those they admire. I'm really no different. I'm just delighted to find that no one is shunning me (that I know) after the post. Whew and thank you.

Now on to other exciting things...

Last week I told someone that I wanted another 2 1/2 day work week. I just love it when God unexpectedly gives me the desires of my heart. They are such a nice surprise...

On Wednesday, when the ice/sleet was coming down in fullness, my boss told us to cut out at 3:30, much to my surprise. I gladly accepted, reminding him that if the kids had a snow day, then I would need to work from home the following day. He agreed that that was acceptable, and I left with a thankful heart.

We had yet to decorate the tree because we wanted to make sure that the cat wouldn't climb it and topple it off the stand. So we used that night to trim the tree. It looks beautiful, if I do say so myself. The kids were up a little later than normal, but being that the next day was sure to be a snow day, it wasn't a big deal.

I awoke early the next morning to find lots of ice and little bit of snow. I actually turned on the tv to make sure that schools were closed, but much to my surprise our school system was not listed as a closed school. This really surprised me, but I thought I would keep an eye on the so-called news to see if they would close it. Around 6:15 am, they school district finally sent word that it would be closed. Whew.

We stayed in on most of Thursday. It was stinkin' cold with no good snow for playing. However, when the kids went to play at a friend's house, I took off and finished the last of my Christmas preparations. I still have to wrap them, but that's no biggie. (Can I just tell you know how much I love Dollar Tree? They had exactly what I needed for cheap, cheap, cheap. Can't get much better than that!)

Later that afternoon, the real snow started to fall, but only a bit. The kids were heartily disappointed. They still went out to throw some of the snow around.

We settled in for a cozy night in the house, with the kids both praying for lots of snow. They didn't even turn their pj's inside out, but God overlooked that faux pas and sent some our way anyway. Once I pointed out the window in the morning, it took everything I could muster to keep them in long enough to eat breakfast!

The kids went to a hill in our neighborhood, but they didn't enjoy it because everyone was running everyone else over. So later, I took them to "the good hill" and we all went sledding. I had such fun whizzing down that hill! We were all frozen solid, but we stayed a good hour. However, I for one think someone should install a chair-lift for us old folks. My legs were burning when I walked back up that hill!

We tracked home to have some homemade chicken noodle soup and some chocolate chip cookies that I had baked that morning. And of course both of the kids begged for hot chocolate AND a warm bath the moment we hit the door.

Ahhh, life is good all around.

It wasn't until Sunday when I realized that God granted me another half-work week. Somehow, that makes me savour the days and memories all the more.

And it makes me praise God all the more loudly, remembering that God listens to my smallest requests, even when I don't know that I'm asking for them.


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