Thursday, December 07, 2006

TT 11

I know... Shocking, isn't it? The last one I did was in July.
Here are 13 (or so...) ways that we had fun over the snow days...

The snow starts falling...
(Kid's play and Mr. Right works to clear the driveway.)

The kids on Saturday morning

Ummm, I did feed them before they went out...

Sunday's snowman, Chilly (No, we did not pay hommage to you Chili. Sorry dear friend.)

Mr. Right and the boy pack it down

The boy works on the middle section

The girl molds the head. (She actually came up with a nicely sculpted head. She put ears and a nose on it and everything. However, it was entirely too small for the rest of the body, so she chucked it and started over.)

Watch out, Mr. Right!

Everyone needs a little snowfight in the middle of a making a snowman, right?

Watch out, girl!

The final piece!

Ummm, yeah, so I don't have any pictures of the KIDS with Chilly, but being the self-centered person that I am, I made sure that I was posed next to the finished product. Chilly was so cute, I couldn't resist a little kiss.

Normal pose... how boring. But I love the look of me in the picture! (See, self-centered, I tell you!)

Okay, one of Mr. Right. He's such a hottie, I'm surprised Chilly didn't melt with his nearness. I certainly do!

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