Monday, December 11, 2006

Computer Woes... Again

I put this entry into my posts, but I missed posting it for some reason. I'm sorta glad that it's here because I just can't make a new one today.


I'm aware that it has been suggested by some that the IT dept is purposely sabatoging my computer, but here is one problem that is not limited to just me.

When I returned to work Monday after Thanksgiving, I and all my cohorts coworkers discovered that the computers were extremely sluggish. I was forced nominated to send in the ticket for this quandry.

Subject: Our internet has eaten too much turkey!

Description of problem: It's acting like it has been given a hefty dose of turkey enzymes that makes everyone sleepy after a Thanksgiving feast.

Problem: It seems that the internet in our office has extended its laziness of the holidays to this week as well. I would love to follow suit; however, I need the money for my good honest work, so I thought I would ask that you fix it. Although it is waking up, it is doing so in its own sweet time. I'm not sure if it needs a shot of expresso or a good kick in the backside. I leave that prescribing to you, the professionals. I'm not an IT doctor, but I do play one in the office until someone kicks me out and does all the right stuff.

I have made mention of this slowness of internet wit to one Mr. (IT man) and he indicated that he would talk with George Michaels... no that's the singer - I mean Eddie George... no, no he's the football player- what was that name... I got it - M George, duh - who could forget him!
- about how to give the internet a major dose of adrenaline so that it can keep up with us snappy employees.

Until the next time on "As the Computer Turns..."

It's a week later and they're still working on it. I'm thinking that it's not just the computers who had too much turkey.

But at least work is not as slow as dial up...

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