Monday, July 03, 2006

Praise, Prayers and Cards (Oh My!)

First of all, I want to thank those of you who have been praying for Susan and her mom, Kay. The word from the doctors – and I quote verbatim – “It’s a miracle from God that she is recovering. She should not be doing as well as she is.” They are already talking about when she may be able to come back home. Now that is a reason to be praising our God; not only has He healed Kay, the doctors are openly giving the glory to HIM! So thank you for lifting this sister’s case to the Father. Proof, yet again, that He hears our pleas.

Next, my boss just called in and said for me to take off early today. You don’t have to ask me twice! Praise God for giving me such a kind boss. Now this opens up my day to do what I need to do for today. I want to see if I can petition any of you to join me in it.

My daughter is at camp this week and on the first day there, they took her to the hospital. The campers were playing a fun game called “Capture the Flag” and she tripped and fell while running after the flag. Unfortunately, when she fell, someone was so close to her that he/she stepped on her hand. So she went to see the nurse, who iced it and gave her some Tylenol and gave her the instructions that if it still hurt in a few hours to come and see her. By 10 PM it still hurt, so they took her into the ER to have it x-rayed. The doctor thinks it is only a sprain, but he did caution that if it still hurt in a couple of weeks, there may be a small fracture in the hand. So can I petition you to pray about her hand, that the injury is only a sprain and will be fully healed shortly?

I’m off to get a care package ready for her, but I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind sending her a card or a short note. If you are interested in doing this, just email me and I will give you the details of where to send it. It cannot be an email card because this camp really is CAMP. No a/c, no TV, no computers, no pool – a lake is what they use to swim. And she loves it! I just think she would love having mail that will be wishing her a happy week and letting her know that others are praying for her.

Oh, and I want to honor my girl a moment. My daughter did a wonderful thing this summer. She said to me that she wanted to cut her hair, but she would wait until it was long enough (the cut portion needs to be at least 10 inches) to donate it to Locks of Love, a wonderful program where people with long hair who want to have it cut donates the hair for the making of wigs for people with cancer. Most of these wigs are for children, but I do believe they have it for adults too. Anyway, she decided to do this again (she’s done it once before) and she had it done right before she went to camp. I had to go on the camps website to see what she looks like because Grandma STILL HASN’T EMAILED ME A PICTURE! (Hint Hint) If I get them, I will post them so you can see the difference!

And her first words to me after getting it cut were, “I’m keeping my hair this way forever!” To which I said, “How about awhile?” To which she said adamantly, “FOREVER, Mom!” To which I said, “How about forever or until you change your mind?” To which she said, “Forever, but okay.”

That girl is a lawyer in the making, I tell you.

Let me know if you want to send a card. I, as well as she, would greatly appreciate it!

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