Friday, June 30, 2006

St. Louis Revisited

Well it seems to be the week of pictures for this blog...

I just received some pictures from the surprise golfing and dinner party for Andy. I only got about 25 pictures, but I am going to save you some grief and only post a few of them that are of me mostly... Hey, it's my blog and I like them.

Dinner: I think that's my best side, but what sad posture! Matt and I were mauwing on the onion strings. We were sooo happy when no one else wanted any... Yum. Oh, and that guy in the very back is Nate, my guest blogger. What a good sport!

Andy opening one of the gifts that I, er I mean, my boss got him.

(Side note: We got into the truck to go to the dinner, and Kent had a gift for Andy. My boss said, "I don't have a gift for Andy!!! Oh man!" I looked straight at him and said, "You have a gift for Andy." My boss looked at me and smiled and said, "Of course I have a gift for him. Why wouldn't I? That's because..." (and here he paused). I said, "I would so love for you to finish that sentence" and then smiled sweetly. He said almost with awe and I think disbelief, "That's because I have a great assistant."
And that, my dear friends, makes going to work a little sweeter.

That's my boss. He is a pretty good guy.

Andy and I at the dinner party. Can you tell he was out in the sun all day? (Okay, I really like the way this picture turned out. I'm so vain.)


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