Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Going, Going, Going

I cannot even take a potty break it's so busy here.

Why on earth did I take a week off of work? Oh, but it's good to be in the thick of things again.

I don't have much to give you except some quotes from the blogcation. Hope you enjoy.


Mr. Right talking about the new game he got on Christmas morning:

Mr. Right: I really like my new game. Did you see who it came from?

Me, knowing I didn't buy it for him: No. Did it come from your folks?

Mr. Right: Nope.

Me: My folks?

Mr. Right: Nope.

Me: Well who did it come from? I didn't get it for you.

Mr. Right: From SANTA!! (Here he smiled as big a smile as you've ever seen.)

Me: Did you buy your own gift?! That is so sneaky!

Mr. Right: Yep. I had a gift card from my birthday and I went and got a game I want to play. I figure I might as well enjoy it on Christmas morning!

Mr. Right's mom: Oh, I so see a new tradition being started for next year!

Seriously, I'm not buying my own gifts!


Daughter: "Mom, I'm feeling really sleepy. I think I'll go to bed now."

Me: "Really girl, I know you're excited about Christmas tomorrow, but I think that going to bed at three in the afternoon is just a little excessive..."


My parents took us out for a treat of McDonald's for the kids. When sitting down, my mom and I were talking about something, and she said, "For crying out loud, that's crazy!"

The boy looked up and said with a huge smile, "Praise the Lord for crying out loud!" He had no idea what he was saying, but he really meant it.


My mom kept saying, "I'm the grandmother. It's my right to spoil them, and it's your job to fix them later."

So later, I was bringing out another dessert, and my dad was so into having another piece of something sweet. My mom was hassling him about eating another sweet, which is so not on the South Beach Diet.

I said, "Mom, I'm the daughter it's my right to spoil him, and it's your job to fix him later."

I so have the easier end of the deal.

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