Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On This Day

This day 40 years ago, some memorable things happened.
The Supremes with You Can't Hurry Love topped the Billboards chart.
Ray Charles Show The Scene performed in Milwaukee, WI. Admission was $3.
The Monkees, premiered on NBC, with its first episode entitled "The Royal Flush," which won an Emmy for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy. The show itself also won for Outstanding Comedy Series. (The show only lasted for 58 shows.)
Family Affair premiered on CBS. The first show was titled "Buffy". (It lasted for 138 shows.)
NASA's Gemini XI launched for 71-hour flight. The capsule orbited almost three days with astronauts Charles Conrad and Richard Gordon at the controls. During a spacewalk Gordon strung a 30-meter tether between the Gemini 11 spacecraft and an Agena target vehicle.
The Vietnam war was being waged with a fury. Five hundred US Air Force planes bomb targets in North Vietnamin the heaviest air raid of the war.
In Grenada, MS, "Freedom of Choice" for the court-ordered school desegregation was set to begin. A mob of whites attack and beat several of the Negroes (word from article), scaring half of them from entering school. (Over the following weeks and months, the Grenada County Freedom Movement digs in for the long haul, making Grenada have more Negroes attending formerly white schools than any other rural Mississippi county.)
In baseball, Baltimore Orioles were first in the American League while the Los Angeles Dodgers
topped the National League.
An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 to 6.5 occurred about near Truckee, California.
And in Los Angeles, California God graced the world with my (future) Mr. Right.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Right!!!

I'm so glad that God made you.

Now as a huge request for comments, please leave a little birthday love for this great man. Please leave a message for him. If you're a lurker, just this once leave a birthday comment. I promise I won't come and stalk you later... unless you want that, but you'll have to let me know.
Thanks everyone!