Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why God Invented Blogs or Why I Have My Christmas Present Already

I couldn’t decide which title worked best…

Yesterday morning at the breakfast table, Mr. Right told The Girl and me some awful news about one of his coworkers. While his coworker was at work and everyone in her family of four was out of the house, someone broke into their apartment (which sits on a corner and backs up to trees). Not only did the thieves take the Christmas presents, they had all day to take everything else; they cleaned out their food, clothes, clocks, games, money that had been saved to fix their car - everything, even their last can of Who Hash and the crumb that was too small for a mouse.

His work rallied and they collected $600 for them the first day. Mr. Right was just telling us so that we could make a decision as a family to give something to them as well. We were silent for a moment; then I said, “Let’s give them some money, and I’ll go through the pantry and clean it out. We can always buy more food.”

Then I turned to The Girl and said, “The Girl, would you mind if I gave them one of your Christmas presents?”

She asked which one (which was an odd question because she doesn’t know what she’s getting – I wrapped them as soon as I bought them). Knowing that the family of four has two teenage boys – I’m pretty sure that they won’t want size 14 jeans, a cute sweater or pair of earrings, I said, “Well, your Grandma Cora and Grandpa Duck sent you some money for Christmas. Would you like to give some of that to them?”

She didn’t even bat an eye as she said, “Give all of it to them.”

I, on the other hand, choked on my sip of coffee and said, “Honey, you don’t have to give it all. You could give half and that would be just fine.”

Looking me straight in the eyes, she replied, “Mom, I am so spoiled.”   Then she continued to eat her cinnamon roll.

And then I started bawling. She definitely is not missing the give in Thanksgiving gene, just like her Daddy…

As an afterthought, she said, “And we don’t even have to tell Grandma Cora or Grandpa Duck because it’s my money and I can give it away and they won’t get their feelings hurt that I gave their present away.” That girl was worried about her grandparents’ feelings in this act of kindness!

“If you tell them, I guarantee that they will be more pleased with what you did with it than whatever you would have bought,” I assured her.

“Mom, I can’t tell them! Then it looks like I’m bragging, and I don’t want that at all.”

And that is why God invented blogs - so that I can do it for her, without her ever knowing… (Grandma Cora and Grandpa Duck – please don’t get your feelings hurt that The Girl knows more about being Christ-like than your girl ever knew.)

Later, when The Boy awoke and was eating his breakfast, he asked why I was packing up a whole bunch of food. Mr. Right explained the situation, and The Boy quickly said, “Can I give them some of my clothes or toys?”

I told him that he was so sweet, but then informed him that the boys were teenagers, that his clothes wouldn’t fit them and they probably play with different kinds of toys. I did tell him about the money that the grandparents sent for Christmas and asked if he would like to give any of it to the family.

He just stared at me like I had grown a second head. Give away money? His money? Was I nuts?

I told him that whatever he decided, whether it was all, half, or none of the money, that we love him no matter what and that God would rather have honesty and cheerfulness over a begrudging heart. Whatever he settled to do would be left up to him to decide.

A minute later as we’re hustling around the kitchen, The Boy says, “Half.”

I look at him and ask, “Are you sure? God wants you to give cheerfully, so make sure you’re heart is happy about it.” 

“My heart is happy about it. I’d like them to have half of it. Can I have a glass of water?”

And just like that I cried again. That is why I have my Christmas present already. I can’t imagine being any happier or more blessed by these two angels than I was at that moment.

Thanks God for this great gift that I want to re-gift time and time again.

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