Wednesday, March 07, 2007

WFMW - Cooking Conundrum

Lately, I've been at a loss at what to make for dinner. I have food, so that's not the kind of loss to which I'm referring. Although I'm incredibly thankful for the food with which God blesses us, I'm becoming tired of the same thing. And I'm really trying to avoid sounding like the Israelites who did nothing but complain about their situation only to find themselves drowning in manna. I might like the food of angels, but I don't want it for years on end.

So in order to find new recipes without taking time out of my ever busy, working mom schedule, I have discovered some wonderful blogs that have recently helped to refresh our recipe files. And the best part? Most of the recipes are tried and true favorites of other families, so I don't worry too much about whether or not my family will like them. (Since my kids eat most anything, I figure that if other kids like it, it will most likely be a hit at my place.)

Okay, I know that there are several more who post recipes on a continual basis, but for the life of me, I'm drawing a blank. This will have to do.

So that's how I keep my menus varied and tempting. I basically steal from everyone else. It seems to be working just fine, and I don't think anyone else minds.

Head on over to Shannon's place to find some great kitchen ideas.