Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Computers and Kids

I was just thinking that it's been a few months since I've posted anything about my computer woes at work. That's because it's been doing wonderfully lately. Until now. I had Flash installed at one time, but for some reason, it disappeared. So of course I had to get it back.

Here's my ticket submission:

Subject: Y'all lied... or else I've misunderstood.

Problem: According to the Fixed Status of Incident ID*******, I should be Flashing away. However, when I attempt to enter the knowledge spot to do a little self-paced training, the site refuses to let me learn anything because I didn't have Flash. Hmph. As if I don't know all this stuff already. Well, this message came as a shock since I KNEW I had an email that said y'all fixed my inability to Flash. Now its just a personal agenda to show this knowledge spot who's the boss.

Would someone Flash me again - in the most computer-program sense? Because if y'all think I mean it in the NYC way, I've got to tell you that it's cold here, and I will laugh... at you, not with you.

I received a call from our IT department and Mike (the man who usually helps me) is on the other end, laughing yet again. He fixed my problem in 4 minutes flat. And the best part? He told me that if there were ever a ticket submitter award, I would win hands down. He said everyone would vote for me. Ahhh, it's the little things in life that makes me smile.

And speaking of the little things, this morning at breakfast my daughter looked over at me and said, "Mom, you don't look as old as you are."

With a mouth full of peanut butter toast, I shot my hands up in the air as if I were a ever-useful Super Bowl goal judge on the Colt's never-ending scoring drives and made a real girly squeal. Then I swallowed (manners and all, you know - I've got to practice what I preach) and asked her how old she thought I looked.

She looked at me thoughtfully, taking in all of my face and said, "You look like you're Miss Laura's age." And then she smiled really big - while my face fell.

Miss Laura is 40 years old, y'all. That's not old by any means - it's the new 30's so they say, but in case you can't remember my age or else you can't do math so well, that's five years older than I am. I don't mind looking 40, but I would prefer to do it when I'm in my 50's! Oil of Olay, where for art thou... Not on my face obviously.

When I made the remark that I appreciate her comment, but Miss Laura is five years older than me, her eyes brightened and she expanded, "No not Miss Laura, Abby's mom. Miss Laura our babysitter! You look her age."

Oh THAT Miss Laura! Well, that's a whole different story because that Miss Laura is a perky, jubilant 21 year old college student who is as fresh as a spring day. I like that comparison oh-so-much better...

Note to self: Give daughter a bonus in her allowance and teach kids to use last names...


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