Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

Overall, we had a fantastic weekend.

On Friday, we had dinner with a couple of other families from church. We ate some fantastic alfredo and salad, and I brought THE most delicious cheesecake - homemade, full of cream and calories, but worth every single bite! Mmmm, mmmm. We played Pit and chatted up a storm. We also decided that it would be worth finding babysitters for that night. There's something so much more exciting about getting together without having to separate warring toddlers, disciplining over-active and enthusiastic 6 and 7 year olds and putting a crying baby down in a strange bed.

On Saturday, we went to a store that is having a moving sale. We were able to get several things that we needed to prepare our house for putting it on the market in April. Wood, chandelier, light fixture for the master bathroom, paint, etc. It was a huge blessing for us because everything was over half off the price. We're still on the hunt for a double sink vanity that won't cost an arm and a leg, but it was nice to not have to pay so much for some of the things that we needed.

That evening, we had our friends John and Susan over for dinner and another game fest. We played SWAP! and Skipbo; it's great that the kids have matured enough to be able to play with us. Well, the boy was quite a bit tired and emotional by the end of the Skipbo game. He was crying because all the spots that he could play were getting taken. We had a nice little "It's only a game and if you don't get yourself in check, you're going to bed right now" discussion. Thankfully, he listened and pulled himself together. The little nerd... he wound up winning the Skipbo game.

Sunday was our most exciting day. We went to church, watched the end of Lost - I so need Season 2 now... After Life Group (small intimate groups with fellow church members), our friend Brock came over to help us with the wiring for the master bathroom lights. The guys had to get into the space above the garage to look at the wiring in the wall. The next thing I hear is a tumbling sound. About 30 seconds later, Brock came running through the bedroom. I asked jokingly, "Have anyone died in there?"

He said, "Mr. Right just fell through the ceiling."


"Mr. Right just fell through the ceiling."

I was down those stairs so fast. I knew where he had to have landed if he fell through - the garage. I went straight to the garage, opened the door and there was Mr. Right, standing in front of the door, covered with insulation and looking very startled. If it weren't so serious, it would have been laughable. A true sitcom moment...

Turned out that Mr. Right landed in the only "safe" place in the garage - the car hood. Had he been a couple of feet over to the left, he would have landed on the hard concrete floor or between our two cars, cracking a few ribs or knocking his head like a pinball. Had he been a few feet up, he would have landed on some power tools, which could have punctured him in various places. Had he been a few feet down, he would have landed on the middle of the car, denting or crushing the interior part. Had he been a few feet to the right, he would have crashed into shelves and the car. God was with Mr. Right, even in the fall.

There's a big hole that needs to be replaced in the garage ceiling and a couple of good size dents in the hood, but the only thing that matters to me is knowing that Mr. Right is okay. Bruised and scraped and sore all over, but alive and okay.

Thank you God - because I really don't want to have to date all over again; I really don't think that I could be so blessed again.

And yes, we're laughing about it now, but don't worry - we temper that laughter with tears, especially since we just realized our house-preparing list just got a little bit longer.

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