Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meme about Mr. Right

I saw this meme at Peach's place and I stole it to make it my own...

And in honor of this day, the day that Mr. Right proposed to me 15 years ago, I give you a meme about him.

His age: 40

How tall is he: 6' to my 5'2"

How long have you been together (married): 14 years, 7 month, 7 days and 11 hours and change...

How long did you know each other before you got together?: Hmmm... can't really answer that one. I knew him as in saying hi, but I didn't really get to know him until the he made his move and asked me out. But I will say that from the time we started dating to the time we were married was only about 15 months.

What physical features attracted you to him first?: The fact that he was Mr. GQ and still was interested in me- the exact opposite of anything considered fashionable. After I started dating him, I had a large number of ladies who had been trying to get him to date them (individually) for a long time come up to me and asked how I got him to go out with me. (So should I taken that as an insult or was it a nod to my dating prowess? Heck I was just as shocked as they were!

Eye color: Green, like a salty sea

Hair color: Dark brown, but getting more and more speckled with sliver as he gets older (I'm sure I've had nothing to do with that... Really - it's just a coincident!)

Hair style: Short and neat

Normal Outfit: What do you mean by normal? What he wears to work is different than his home time... I'm going with jeans and t-shirt.

How did you meet: Harding University - he saw me across a crowded student center and he knew then that he wanted to get to know me... I, on the other hand, had no idea that he existed except that my good friend was madly in love with him. However, as soon as I became available - oh some 8 months later, he made his intentions known... very known, and he won me over immediately... well, sort of. After we got past the whole "When you know, you know..." comment at the end of our FIRST DATE. Gah! It's a miracle we dated a second time after that scary line.

How serious is it: To the DEATH! Seriously, I'd die for him. Although I hope God's not going to test me on that one...

Are you "in love": In love, in lust, in for life.

Do your parents like him: Yep. They were glad to have someone to take me off their hands.

Do his parents like you: Yes. Although my mother-in-awe says that she would NOT have picked me out for him in a million years. And she did try to pick some dates out for him... (She was a dorm mom and whenever he would come home for a visit , she would have a list of ladies that she would just love to see him take out... So needless to say, when she met me, she told me in the nicest sense possible, "I wouldn't have picked you out for him in a million years."

Do you trust him: With my life.

Would you share a toothbrush with him?: You bet. I know where that mouth has been. :)

Would he let you wear his pants?: I'll kill myself if I can fit into his pants...

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in?: Occasionally I'll grab one of his t-shirts as sleepwear. I just like to feel a part of him near me.

Do you like the way he smells?: Yes. And I have to say that great scented man is such turn on for me. I love a man that smells divine. (And I would like to know what wife will answer this on in a negative? "Yep I love him, but he stinks to high heaven. No wait. Maybe I don't want to know after all.)

Can you picture having kids with him?: Well yeah. How else do I explain these two kids running around our house? However, I wouldn't have married him if I couldn't picture that scenario.

What bothers you the most about him?: He can sleep all the time. I mean, he says, "I could use a nap today" after sleeping 10 hours straight. I, on the other hand, sleep much less and must go, Go, GO! for all the stuff that needs to get done. Drives me crazy and it makes me want to slap him... But that's only on the days that the lack of sleep is really catching up to me. Which is basically all the time. Ahem.

Does he have a temper?: Only when I push him into one. You just think I'm all nice and easygoing. Oh - no you don't. I didn't make the Happiest Blog selection for the Share the Love Awards.

Are you happy to be with him?: Completely, perfectly and incandescently happy!

Does he embarrass you in public?: He'd have to be a lot quicker to the punch to embarrass me. I do it very well on my own without his help, thank you very much. And the answer is no.

Does he smoke or do drugs?: Only the occassional stogie... in which I join.

Does he have any piercings?: Just his heart for me and his ear for God

Any tattoos?: Nope. He doesn't need any additional decorating. He's a masterpiece all on his own.

Does he have any scars that you know of?: He has a few mole removal scars.

Is he a Party dude or Stay at home?: Stay at home and party dude is more like it. We like to have friends over to play games and to be ourselves.

Is he Outgoing or Shy?: Reserved upon meeting, but very open and outgoing afterwards.

Does he love his mama?: That was one of the reasons I knew that he would be a good husband. He always talked with respect concerning his parents.

Would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?: Yes, he has and does. Of course it helps that he IS my best friend...

Sing?: Not to anyone else really - except the kids, but I love it when he sings to me - mainly because he can never remember words to songs, so if he took the time to memorize them to sing them to me, it's a big deal.

Feel free to steal it from me if you care to do so, but please let me know when you've posted it as I'd love to read about your man too.

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