Thursday, February 08, 2007

Says She

"Why oh why did you choose to listen to that snake, Eve!," says she who is sometimes duped into believing the lies of the world that says she doesn't need God.

"Why oh why did were you so jealous Cain?," says she who looks at the comments on others' blogs and burns with envy.

"Why oh why did you choose not to wait on God's promise, Abram and Sarai, rather than take matters into your own hands with Haggai?," says she who got impatient for God's answers, so she started filling in her own blanks... and failed miserably.

"Why oh why did you play favorites with your children Jacob," says she who last Sunday ignored a smiling, strange face as she walked to her known, comfortable friends.

"Why oh why did you choose Moses to be your mouthpiece, God? He did nothing but challenge your every direction before submitting to serving through Aaron as his spokesperson," says she who said no time and time again when called on to be of service to a sick family, a lonely widow, a deaf person.

"Why oh why did you not kill those stiff-necked Israelites who did nothing but complain when you took them out of slavery," says she who despised her familiar clothes hanging in her closet and looked with embarrassment at her 13-year-old working car, longing for better, newer, flashier things.

"Why oh why did you look on Bathsheba, David, and seek to make her your own when you already owned everything?," says she who looks in lust at her favorite McDreamy actor, wondering briefly what it would be like to be with him, and also smiles meaningfully, beguilingly, invitingly at the cute guy who just passed her by, causing him to do a doubletake in consideration.

"Why oh why did you not wipe Israel off the map when they bowed down to other gods," says she who grasps tightly to her checking account and weekly sits before her favorite tv shows refusing to miss it for any reason.

"Why oh why did you not go to Ninevah the first time when you were called Jonah?," says she who still hasn't asked her willing neighbor to join her next Sunday in going to church.

"Why oh why did you choose such dense disciples when they didn't get you?," says she who has the Word before her, reads it and forgets it before she has left the room.

"Why oh why did you get did you think you had a right to judge that adulterous woman, you Jews?," says she as she gossips with malice over some poor soul's mistake.

"Why oh why did you nail Jesus to the cross, you Jews?! How could you kill the Christ?," says she who continues to persue her selfish desires over and over again, forgetting that she is supposed to nail her sins to the cross... and leave them there.

"Why oh why did you doubt that Jesus was alive, Thomas, when He promised that he would come to life again?, " says she who looks at her life and wonders if God really is there beside her.

"Why oh why did you think you could lie to the Holy Spirit and get away with it, Annanias and Sapphira?," says she who smiles to the world - when in reality she is dead within.

The more things change - the more they stay the same.

"Why oh why do you forgive someone like me, God?", says she who cannot fully understand such love and mercy, but is happy to have it none the less.


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