Friday, February 02, 2007

My Groundhog Day

Yesterday, I received a call from my daughter's school, telling me that my daughter broke a school record. Woo hoo! I'm nothing if not competitive. Ahem.

Unfortunately, the call was from the school nurse who informed me that my daughter has made it into the school's history book with the highest fever on record.

Bummer. That's not the kind of record you want your kid to break...

I can count on one finger how many times my daughter has been sick from school this year. But alas, no more. She's officially doubled it.

So I did what any good working mom would do. I picked her up, gave her hot and sour soup from her favorite chinese place and we watched Pride and Prejudice (sorry Jeana - it was the new version that the girl has been begging to see. Sometimes you can't reason with sick people.)

This morning I awoke at 5 AM to hear tumultuous coughing which was quickly followed by quick breathing and vomitting of ... well nothing. But let me tell you something, that girl can make something out of nothing. I gave her crackers, gave her more medicine and shoo-ed her back to bed. But of course I was up after that. Sigh.

She awoke again at 7 AM, begging for breakfast because she was "Starving!", so food was in order. So far, everything has stayed down. And the coughing has subsided, thanks to the fine makers of Equate cold and cough, and her fever is running a steady somethingerother because I haven't officially checked it. Just the kiss test. She seems a little warm, but not hot enough on which you could fry an egg. A little Tylenol goes a long way...

I've just tucked her in for a nap (Awww Mom. Do I hafta? I'm in such a good part of this book!) , and I'm quickly trying to catch up on the blogs and around the house. The one good thing about having a sick day where I'm not sick is that I can get some things that really need to be done - done. I still have bedding from Christmas that needs to be officially stored. I have a basement that needs to be tidied. And for the love of all of my family, I did my bi-annual dusting. Be proud. Be very, very proud. I hate dusting with a passion. And some of you know how passionate a person I am.

So Susanne, don't worry if you don't see me around the blogworld. I am okay and doing well. My daughter on the other hand is a different story. Say a little prayer for her to get better, if you would. Poor thing, she is sick so little, she's not sure how to handle it.

And just a reminder in case you missed it: Don't forget about this on Tuesday, February 6th.

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