Monday, January 29, 2007

You Shared the Love Alright...

Oh my lands... I leave for the weekend and come back to work to find emails/comments from y'all saying "Congrats".

My first thought was "Where is my coffee?", but right after that, I promise, was "What on earth are they talking about?" So first I went to find my coffee - hey a girl has to have priorities, and when it comes to coffee, I have mine -

Then it hit me...

Share the Love Awards.

I don't think that it is any sort of understatement for me to say that I'm shocked. And slightly light-headed. I think I need to sit down. Well, I am sitting, but perhaps you won't mind if I just hang my head between my knees a moment... and then pinch myself.

Are you serious? This isn't a dream like the McDonald's commercial?

I'm not eating in my underwear, and I saw my name several times, so it must be true.

Best Humor
Blogger You'd Most Like To Meet
Most Thought-Provoking
Blog You'll Never Stop Reading (someone emailed me to tell me that she nominated me for this award but it's not up yet... Thank you!)

Now, I'm going to be totally honest: I don't think I have a chance in he bloggityville of winning Best Humor, not with the likes of BooMama, Big Mama, Antique Mommy - hey I might if I change my name to Mama's Diner or something of the sort; I might have a chance - Anyway, I go to them to get my daily dose of comedy, so I'm going to have the hardest time voting for ONE. That's like asking to pick your favorite child! And we all know what happened when Jacob did that with Joseph. I'm not feeling comfortable with two of them ganging up on another one and throwing her into a cistern and then selling her off to some group of gypsies just so we can all bow down to her later in life. I'm just saying... None of you have gotten a new coat of many colors lately, have you? If so, you may want to keep that little news to yourself for now...

Most Thought-Provoking was a stunner too, especially since I'm often trying to locate my brain cells to form just one thought, much less hoping to get you to think too. If by Most Thought-Provoking you mean "Blogger who is most transparent and willing to show her ugly warts and all so that God can use her to help others and at the same time glory Him," then I can accept that nomination.

Blogger You'd Most Like To Meet - now that is just down right humbling. Just as a note of warning: I am the same in person as I am on the blog. Take that how you will... The award I would love to have is this: The Blogger You'd Most Like To Meet Again After Meeting Her The First Time. Now that would be saying something...

Blog You'll Never Stop Reading - this one puts a big smile on my face. Because unlike a lot of other bloggers who say that they only write for themselves, I totally admit that I write for y'all. I love this communication, support and friendship that has developed over time. I post to keep you updated, to hear your comments and mostly to make you laugh. Yeah, I'm that vain. I post most of the time hoping to hear back you. Because y'all make me laugh/smile as much with the comments at my place as do your blogs.

So even if I win squat, I'd like to say thank you for thinking of me the way that you do. (But you know what I'm really saying is "Please go vote for me, because I really want to win." Hey! I'm just continuing with the honesty thing. You wouldn't expect less from me now, would ya?)

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