Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You'd Better Hurry...

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There's only today left for nominations for the Share the Love Awards.

And to whomever nominated me for the additional awards of Most Inspiring and Best Commenter, I totally thank you. But just what am I inspiring you to be, might I ask? Chaotic? Sassy? Delusional? Slow-witted? Best example of why not to have kids? Did you think it said perspiring? Because that one I really might have a chance to win. Well, if I would start exercising again...

Now, if I can just figure out who to bribe for Woman Power!, Best Design and Best Writing, I would be in business...

Oh, never mind. A girl's gotta have goals.


Side note that may sound cocky, gloating, vain or proud, but really isn't. It just made me feel good and happy inside:

Last night I came in from work and the phone was ringing. I, who usually ignore the contraption because I usually hate the thing and I want some time down time when I walk in the door - which is really a dream because typically I have to start dinner/switch laundry/answer questions/do dishes/pee all at the same time when I walk into the house (but really that is all too much information for even me so let's move on, shall we?), answered the phone to find my friend laughing on the other end of the line. She informed me that she just started reading my blog from the beginning (poor girl - Jenny - really it does get better!) and she was up to March 2006. She said that she couldn't go any further until she called me to say that she loved the humor, the wit, the style of writing and the exact likeness of me that I portray on the posts and now she had to get back to reading because she wanted to get caught up to present day so that she could start commenting on relevant, up-to-date material.

I've decided that answering the phone may not be such a bad thing after all. And she utterly, completely and wholely made me feel fantastic and relieved. (Hey, she could have called to say, "Perhaps you should consider knitting...")

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