Sunday, February 04, 2007

To The Super Bowl Viewers

First and foremost, I would like to thank Barb for sharing her potato skins recipe. They were a delicious compliment to the exciting Super Bowl game. I, of course, had to add some equally unhealthy sides, so we inhaled some crispy chicken strips and gooey mozarella sticks, all the while washing it down with some raspberry malt beverage for me and real beer for the men. (Blech - I don't even like the Mr. Right's beer snob selections. Give me a cooler, a mixed drink or wine any day.) No matter the outcome of the game, my tummy was completely satisfied...


First to the Bear fans:

I see your misery and I know your pain. Please accept these

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and this as a message from my heart..

To my fellow Colts fans:

Go here to see a small version of me during the game.

It's nice to finally see a ring on Dungy's and Manning's fingers. And what a lovely way to end the football season!


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