Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Update

A couple of you have inquired about our house selling and how it is going. Well, it's still on the market, and we haven't had any bites of which we are aware although we did have a good showing this weekend. All that being said, it is going really well. I told GiBee last Friday that God has given us such peace about the whole ordeal that we almost forget that it's on the market until someone asks us about the house. And I've discovered how at peace we are about it when I suddenly remember that I should pray about it, not in a "oops, I really need to bring this to God's attention" sort of way, but in a "I've already given this to God so I don't have to think about it" way. And that is a huge blessing. (Yes, we still pray about it, but it's mostly a prayer of thanksgiving for giving us this peace and for patience to wait on his timing.)


The boy had his first grade play last week. We were able to watch a play based on all sorts of fair tales threesomes: three little bears, three billy goats gruff, three little pigs, three wise men (not fair tale!), three men in a tub, three musketeers, three blind mice. The boy was the last one. He made a really cute mouse. He came home the day of the play and said, "Mom, it's so much fun, but there's one bad thing. I have to wear a headband and boys do NOT wear headbands!" (They were the ears.) Obviously he doesn't take much note of Sanjaya, thank goodness... And I thought the boy looked cute, even if he had to wear a girl's accessory for a half hour.

We took the family out for an ice cream afterwards; that seem to make up for all the disgrace of wearing a headband.


on Friday we had several couple friends over for some adult only time (in other words- we all left our kids at home), eating taco salad outside on one of the most gorgeous days I have ever seen. Food was good, the game of SWAP! was fun (I won one hand - neener neener neener to Todd), and the fellowship was refreshing to our spirits. It's been a while since I've had such gut-busting laughs over fun, silly, mothering , married stuff. And for the record, the girls laughed WAY more than the guys when we were chatting away separately. I made it a point to track down each of the couples to tell them that we've GOT to do it again... and soon.


Saturday was so gorgeous we went on a picnic to the arboretum. The day was perfect for eating by the lake and walking the trails. On our walk, we went a on a newly discovered path. We were glad that we did because we found a bird blind, a little house with lots of windows where we sat and watched all the different birds that came to the feeders. Mr. Right and I love to watch birds, even if we can never remember what they're called. Not knowing the names doesn't detract from the beauty of them.

And it turns out that the day was much more sunny than we first though. We've all got the sunburned noses to show for it. Thank you God for aloe vera!


Sunday night, I was able to visit with my friend Debbie, who has moved back from NY while her husband is protecting us in Iraq (three cheers for Dan!!!) They had only been married a couple of months before he was unexpected called up from the reserves. She's such a wonderful woman, full of life and humor and love. I hate to see her lonely like this, but she has such a wonderful attitude. She's using this away time to improve her cooking skills for her family. She called and specifically requested that I teach her how to make my strawberry pie while we had a great gab session. While showing her the pie (and later eating it!), she learned my family recipe for "Stuff" - I don't know what else to call it because it's a casserole with lots of stuff in it and Taco Soup. We ate the "Stuff" - which she really liked and she saw how easy it was to change a recipe when you are lacking an ingredient or if you want to add additional flavors. We also watched The Mirror Has Two Faces. We laughed a lot and appreciate the story. We so like a happy ending.


That's the update with us. Now enough about us... Tell me one thing that is going on in your life right now. Good, bad, ugly... doesn't matter. Give us something to talk about (but not in the Sanjaya way, please...)

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