Friday, April 13, 2007

Birthday Meme

I'm only doing this one so that you all have PLENTY of time to get my presents, since you all know that that's one of my love languages...

Go to Wikipedia and type in your Birthday month and day only.

May 3

List 3 Events that occurred that day.

I was born. That was an easy one...
1937 - Gone with the Wind, a novel by Margaret Mitchell, wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
2000 - The sport of Geocaching begins, with the first cache placed and the coordinates from a GPS posted on Usenet.

List 2 important Births.

Well... Me. Duh.
1903 - Bing Crosby, American singer
And of course the infamous Daniel Patrick Ellis, American thief, robber, liar, spy, trouble-maker, drug-addicter, girl-stealer, unpopular, illegal clown, maneater, villain, most dangerous person in U.S.A, Beatles-disliker, boss of the BT gang, violent teenager, fighter, jail-escaper, evil king - whoever he is... I think he's one of the data-entry guys at wikipedia... and just to make it even weirder, I went back to check on this entry and it's gone! Dooo do do do; Dooo do do do.

List 1 Death

Joe Black? Oooookaaaay already...

1693 -Claude de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, French courtier - picked him because he had the longest name.
1987 -Dalida, French singer - shortest name on the list (What? You all should know by now that I can't count.)

List a Holiday or Observance. (if any):

Hellooooo? My birthday!

Who thinks up memes like these anyway...

And don't forget about your Sadie Hawkins dates for this weekend. I know that some of you have already written to me that you've already asked the man with whom you most wish to be and you've already planned some fun times together. (And those fun times CAN be a date at home after the kids are in bed!) Remember to get a picture of you and your date if you can and write all about it for our Mr. Linky on Monday, April 16th. I think this weekend is going to be fun! And if you're still looking for ideas of what you can do with your man, check out these ideas... or you could just check out Outlander. Either way, you could have quite the satisfactory time with your husbands. (Heather, since you're single, stay away from the Outlander idea. No soup for you!)

And if you haven't asked, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (Sheesh. I can only lead a girl to water; I can't make her drink...)

Oh, and happy Friday the 13th.... Waaaa ha ha ha... Waaaa ha ha ha...


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