Monday, April 09, 2007

Vote, Bloggers! Vote!

Updated - I missed Chili's site for Best Humor. Sorry Chili!

Did you know that several of our blogging friends are up for the Blogger's Choice Awards?

You've got to get over there and start voting for them!!!

Best Blog About:

Best Blog Design: and

Best Blog of All Time: Come on! This is a GIVEN! Seriously I want to grow up to be just like her... in character and blogging savvy!

Best Entertainment Blog:

Best Humor Blog: and and

Best Religion Blog: Bread Crumbs

Mir: I see a theme going on here...

Although I am sadly missing from any of the categories (Hello! They offered Freakiest Blogger and Hottest Mommy Blogger! I should have made one of those at least...), get yourself over there and show those award people that when we come out to support our own, we go all the way Baby!

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