Monday, April 09, 2007

This And That

This weekend flew by so quickly. It was a busy one for us.

The girl participates in a wonderful program at church called LTC - Leadership Training in Christ. Every Easter weekend, there is an area wide convention for LTC. There they are in competition with themselves in all sorts of categories of their choosing. They pick what areas they want to compete and then they prepare for the events all school year long at church. It is a wonderful way to teach the kids responsibility, encouraging them to try new things and to foster great friendships with other kids who want to participate in new things.

The girl participated in Drawing, Puppets, Drama, Choir and Bible Bowl. (She signed up for signing, prayer journaling, Christian literature and Christian service, but somehow along the way, she decided to not do them. That's where she learned responsibility... Perhaps she'll learn to manage her time and interest more for next year.) She had fun, learned what to do to improve herself for next year and how to overcome disappointment when you totally blow a line and cause a minute-long pause in the Drama presentation. She was really hard on herself after that, but I just reminded her that it happens to the best of actors and that it wasn't as bad as she thought it was. Then I told her it was her choice to either let it ruin her day or to learn from it and move on. After a minute or two of sulking, she chose the latter one. Whew.

It was a blast overall, especially when her best friends from Nebraska (and the family) planned on spending the night with us on Saturday after the convention. Plus we had some great BBQ afterwards. Who can't appreciate a weekend that involves Southern BBQ? That's just a making for a fantastic day.

Easter didn't feel like a typical Easter. We avoided the basket thing since we had company who would do their Easter baskets when they got home. We went to church and heard a wonderful Easter lesson. We went out to eat for Mexican (!) after church... who eats Mexican on Easter?! (Don't write in the comments Mexicans... That question was completely rhetorical.) I was up most of the night on Saturday, but I couldn't for the life of me get a nap, despite the kids' co-operation. So that day turned into a "resist crying over nothing" fest. I was able to do it, but I just felt blue for the evening. I even managed to burn the spaghetti sauce I was making for tomorrow night. Good times I tell you! (I slept all last night and now I feel much better, thankyouverymuch!)

As for the house, we were told not to expect any lookers since it was Easter weekend. (Our realtor stated that typically house hunting takes a huge dive over this weekend since so many people travel or view this weekend as a family weekend.) Imagine our surprise when during the convention, I received five requests to view our house that day! Go God!!! I loved finding Mr. Right and bringing the count up each time I saw him.

I just had a call from our realtor who stated that there are a couple of families interested, but they want to view other houses first, yada yada yada. If you would pray that God would touch to hearts of them to remember our house, I would be very much appreciative. (Really, I'm not worrying about this house selling. I've laid it at God's feet already, so I know he'll sell it. But I love knowing that others are bring the request before his throne too. So thanks in advance for saying a prayer on our behalf.)

Despite all the stuff that's going on left and right, I've still managed to complete quite a few books for the Spring Reading Thing 2007 and a few others not on the list. I'll do a review of some of the ones I said I would read tomorrow.

And how is your Sadie Hawkins date planning going? I've already got my sitter. Now I need to plan the date. I just wish that this weather would work with me here!!! I want warm and it's still cold. Sigh. I guess I'll be looking at Plan B. Now I just need to make a Plan B. Rest assured. It will not involve a bookstore...

That's our Easter weekend. What was the best thing that happened over yours?

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