Monday, April 16, 2007

Sadie Hawkins Day

Well y'all, I don't know about you, but we had a fantastic Sadie Hawkins Day date.

Our day started out great with (what else) biscuits and gravy and excellent coffee. Then we had to hustle out the door because a couple of families were viewing the house that morning. We used the time wisely by dropping off old paint at the recycling center and driving around to look at houses. Yeah, we're getting prepared because we KNOW that God's got this house thing covered... Eventually we wound up at some friends house where we had more coffee. Good time was had by all!

I kind of cheated because the girl had a skate party with a group at church, and I asked Mr. Right if he would go skating with me. He jumped at it, even though neither of us had been skating in years. We had a blast! We skated with our kids. We skated by ourselves. We skated with each other. I dedicated a song to him (This Kiss by Faith Hill) and we did some fun pull-push-go-around-each-other moves. I'm telling you, if I could dance the way I skate, I'd say move over J'Lo...

And the best part? We skated the entire 2 hours with nary a fall. The only time we left the floor is when we lost the "Lucky Light" game and we were forced to leave. And for the record, I stayed in two turns past Mr. Right on the Limbo game. However, in answer to the running limbo question "How low can you go?," we have to say, "Not far enough to beat the ever-so-limber four year olds... punks." Not that it bothers me or anything...

And I'll have you know that I will gladly do the Chicken Dance and the Cha Cha Slide, thank you very much. See, I have proof!

Here the kids are laughing at their mom... I think they can't believe they've got such a cool and hip mother for everyone to behold... or else their laughing at my dance moves.

That's me on the floor in disbelief that I haven't died from so much exercise in one day!
Afterwards we went to the LTC Awards ceremony where my daughter collected her plaque and awards for her convention work. She received golds and silvers in all that she participated. Woo hoo. And I have to post this next picture and then tell you what she did.

Do you see all those kids on the stage? They're the high schoolers who also did LTC, and all the kids were supposed to walk across the stage to shake their hands. My girl received her award, confidently walked across the stage, bypassed all the boys and only shook hands with the girl. Yep, that's a 10 year old with NO interest with boys on her mind! And that's just fine with me.

Afterwards, we took the kids home to be with babysitters (friends who watch our kids for free - woo hoo!), and Mr. Right and I took off for the $2.50 theater in town. We saw Night at the Museum and really enjoyed it. We even decided that it was one that the kids could see. Afterwards, while trying to decide what we wanted for dinner, I spotted a Dairy Queen and made the remark that an ice cream cone sounded really good, so we had that for dinner. Not bad, I think...

So that was our date. We had a fun, energetic time, and I even got a good night kiss from my date. I think I'll see if he's free again some other night too...

Please, let us know about your Sadie Hawkins Date too! I'm looking forward to hearing all about your date with your man.

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