Thursday, September 13, 2007

And God Humbles Me Yet Again...

Okay, I've got to be straight with you.  I've been feeling really down in the dumps lately, especially about blogging.   One of the things I love about this blogosphere is the camaraderie, the conversations that ensue from posts, the general feelings of being accepted among the internets.  But I've noticed a sharp decline in comments over the past few months.  Add to that the drop of Blogline subscribers.  It really made me wonder if I had offended half of blogland, and they just took their marbles and left without telling me.

Recently, Mr. Right asked about the blog and for the very first time in my blogging history, I said, "Anhh."  And then I couldn't look at him because I wanted to cry, and knowing him, he would not only let me, he would hold me and tell me that everything was going to be okay.  But I really didn't care to look like a blotchy, big-nosed blowfish last night, so I just sat on the bed and pretended that everything was okay while I tried to figured out what to do and if I wanted to keep doing whatever it was I decided to do.

And then the next morning, God gave me some blessings that I didn't see coming.   

Ashley at twenty six cats awarded me this heart-warmer and these sweet words.

Shalee’s Diner: She cracks me up. I’m especially enjoying her recent posts about life lessons. I will also forgive her for using Comic Sans on her blog.

Thanks for the forgiveness, Ashley.  I can always use a bit more of that in my life...  But mostly, thanks for letting me know that I still make someone smile.

In addition to the first award, Kim at The Bitter Ball passed a really nice award on to me along with kind words when I needed to hear them.  This was how she announced in the comments that she was giving me an award:  Although I don't comment here often, I read your blog everyday. You have a way of making my day a little brighter. Stop by my blog if you get a chance... I passed an award on to you!  

That comment alone was like a balm to my soul and an award in and of itself.  And then, of course, I cried.  Hey, I just can't not cry two days in a row when the feeling is there...  I gave in and enjoyed it, blotchy face and all.

Here's what she gave me.

Shalee at Shalee's Diner. She is just one of the sweetest ladies in the blogging world. Her kindness and love show in each and every post she writes. Reading her blog just makes you feel good! Check out her blog, it will leave you with a nice feeling and a smile.

Thank you, Ashley and Kim, for letting God use you to lift my spirits.  He knew just what I needed at just the right time.

And in addition to the wonderful awards, I've been blessed incredibly the last two days by Barb, Jeana and Chili.   When they each asked how I was doing, I was able to dump on them and they each in their own way comforted me.  These are the true, deep rewards to blogging: having friends across the miles.

Barb thanks for verifying that I've not offended anyone.  Your kind words set me at ease.

Jeana, thanks for honesty between us.  When you pointed out that I may be loosing readers due to my posting numerous posts I've not actually written, I hadn't even considered that those posts would be a deterrent.  I was just posting some things that had spoken to me lately.  So I'll get back to writing my own stuff and letting y'all into my "real life."  (But I'll still post things that speak to me.  I'll just scatter them out a bit more.)

Chili, thanks for telling me to just get my funk on and get it out of the way.  I'm one of those "I shouldn't even have a funk because my life is so good" people, so your advice gave me the freedom to accept my funk and then let it go.  I feel much better now, thank you very much.

I'm going to wait to spread the blog love.  This post is long enough and I want to focus on others properly when I do pass them on to various bloggers.  But if you've made it thus far, thanks and cheers to your wading through to the end.

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