Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Right

Today is a special day in the Diner.  Ribbons are flying.  Pies abound.  Balloons glide from stool to stool. Presents are stacked high.

Why you ask?  

Because Mr. Right turns 41 today!! 

So it only seems fitting that for my post I define 41 of the millions of reasons that I love that he’s alive and kicking.

1. He’s a great kisser. (He says I taught him well, but I think it’s the other way around.)

2. He’s the world’s best Daddy.

3. He’d rather spend time with his family than do just about anything else.

4. Patience is definitely one of his virtues.

5. He has a funny, dry sense of humor that catches me off guard consistently.

6. He laughs at most of my idiotic moments, of which there are many.

7. He’s dependable, trustworthy and a hard worker.

8. He loves to volunteer when someone needs help.

9. Our lawn looks great because he puts in good time to make it nice.

10. He’s the official bug killer at our house.

11. He volunteers to clean up puke when the kids are sick.

12. He reads with the kids almost every night.

13. He’s not afraid to cry or to let me cry and turn into a big blotchy blowfish.

14. He tells me that he loves and needs me and then his actions back his words.

15. He has warm, wonderful-to-hold hands.

16. Without him, there would be no pie at our house. He’s the crustmaker extraordinaire.

17. He likes to watch chick flicks with me.

18. It’s not uncommon for me to be awakened with a kiss, followed by a nice hot cup of perfectly made coffee.

19. He vacuums… and he LIKES it. (Of course he likes it even more now that we have a Dyson…)

20. He likes to be in the great outdoors with me.

21. He loves God.

22. He does the dishes before he goes to work.

23. He walks our daughter to the bus stop per her request.

24. He plays a mean hand of Spades, a great round of Sorry and his the King of Yatzee.

25. He’s great at *ahem*. (Oooo – am I going to get a talking to for including that one on the blog!)

26. He likes to play with our children – games, sports, pretend.

27. He encourages optimism when things look dire.

28. He loves the beauty of God’s world and His nature.

29. Road trips are fun and lively when he’s in the car. He makes a fantastic traveling companion.

30. Seeking God’s will is a desire that he has everyday.

31. He writes marvelously romantic love letters.

32. He’s not afraid to try new things.

33. When he sees others hurting, he goes to pray with them.

34. He’s not afraid to use his past mistakes to help others avoid making theirs.

35. Dancing together in the living room gives him pleasure.

36. He encourages me in blogging and in meeting my friends.

37. He’s learning to sign with me so that we both can communicate with the deaf.

38. When I cannot sleep, he’ll wake up willingly to massage my back to help me relax.

39. He has the best smile. His entire face lights up when he smiles.

40. He can make fun of himself (but maybe that’s because he knows that if he doesn’t, then I will…)

41. Having an amazingly beautiful relationship with me is one of his primary goals.

Happy Birthday, Baby. You are my greatest blessing. Oh, how I love you so!!  

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