Wednesday, October 17, 2007

WFMW - Reading the Writing on the Wall

Disclaimer:  I'm only telling this situation in our marriage to make a point.  I know that I am blessed beyond comprehension with Mr. Right, but even he has times when he's not perfect.

One day a couple of weeks ago, Mr. Right made me really mad.  So mad and unappreciated, I basically told yelled at him not to talk to me anymore and walked away stomped upstairs thinking him the biggest cad on earth.  I was ready to be good and angry with him for a while.  

Since I was all dirty from some hard work outside, I decided to take a shower to steam off.  Hey I was already steaming mad, I might as well have the real thing too.  After I stepped into the shower, I promptly saw this:

And then this:


For a while now, Mr. Right and I have been leaving little messages of love to each other as a way of expressing whatever happens to be on our heart.  (It's easy to do when you have those bath crayons.)

As I stood there rereading the note of love that I had recently written to my man and then the visual representation of Mr. Right's love for me, I felt that anger run right off of me down into the drain.

So in conclusion, I basically have two points: take the time to write down words of love to your mate and then remember to read them when you're wondering why on earth you gave your heart to that person. You may need to be reminded of the silver linings now and then.

(Oh, and these notes work wonders with children too. Our girl LOVES to get messages in the shower too. She feels really special that we would take the time to write to her.)

For some extra super duper words of advice, head on over to Shannon's for more WFMW.


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