Thursday, October 11, 2007

Prayers Revisited

Just want to give you a quick catch-up regarding the prayers on the behalf of my mom and my grandma.

The prayers are working.

My mom is able to dispense a bit more from her body on her own, although she is still using the catheter.  But the point is that God is healing her body, even if it is slowly, but surely.

My parents were able to get to my grandma the day before the gallbladder surgery, which set my grandma at ease.  She went in for a two-hour surgery, but everything went so well that she was out in 45 minutes.  The doctors believe that they removed all the stones and that her recovery should be swift.

As for the renting of my parents' house:  this request still needs to be done.  I'm not God and I don't know his agenda, but I would really appreciate it if you all would keep this prayer request on your daily talk with God.  Please bring this item before him, asking God to make it happen in the way that he knows best.  My parents are completely strapped, and this relief would be a huge blessing to them.  (And before you think in your head "Well just honor your parents by helping them out, you doofus!", I have strongly offered twice now to send them aid, but they will not take it.  Being that they're no where near me, I can't arm wrestle them into taking anything like I could a close friend and they've already declared that any check I send will be promptly torn into two.  Sheesh.  Parents...  you just can't raise them right anymore.  Now I know where I get my stubbornness in full.  I got a double dose!)

Thanks again for your prayers.  They are comforting to say the least.

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