Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Praying For Some P

I'm only asking for this one because if my mom was brave enough to ask for this specific prayer to be put in the church bulletin, I figure my blog is fair game... 

Way back in August, I requested that you pray for my mom as she was having some abdomen pain.  She had her surgery, and the doctors found that she had a hernia.  They fixed it and thought that this would be the end of her discomfort.

Well the hernia is healing well, but a random side affect is causing her even more pain:  she can't urinate.  The doctors thought that over time, everything would work itself out, but it hasn't gotten any better and they cannot find the reason for this occurrence.   For the last month, she has had to self-catheter to rid herself of fluids because the pain is so great.  Needless to say, it can make for one cranky momma!  (But according to her, my dad is the new Florence Nightingale.  He's been a wonderful help to her in so many ways.)

On top of this burden, they just discovered that her mother (my only living grandparent at 86 years old) must have gallbladder surgery this month.  My mom really wants to be there for her mother, but several things must happen for her to travel to her aid.
  1. My mom has to pee!  Please pray that her body will find a way to eliminate urine on its own.  (I know!  It's a weird request and probably really awkward to pray, but God can handle hearing all about it!)
  2. She needs the blessing of the doctor to be gone an extended period of time.  She can't go help my grandmother until she's approved to leave.
  3. They have to rent their condo in Florida to some winter birds.  Better yet, they would love to sell it.  To be released from the burden of their mortgage would be a huge blessing.  (They have an RV that they want to live in for an extended period of time, but everyone knows that those things aren't cheap to run from one place to the next.)
I know that God is in control of everything.  His ways are so much wiser, better, more perfect than my ways could ever be.  If you all would lift these specific requests to God, I would be so grateful.  It's time like these that I'm really glad to be part of the humongous extended family of God.   Thanks in advance for your faith in the Great Physician and our Provider!


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