Friday, September 21, 2007

Brewing Friendship

So I went out to have coffee with Addie the other night. (Oh, the delicious goodness of it getting to spend time her!) Even though we live about 10 miles from each other on very easy to travel roads, we couldn’t seem to coordinate any time that would work for both of us during the summer, but now that school has started, Mr. Right works late at night and Addie has more responsibilities than ever, we seem to have found the time for each other. Go figure.

Anyway, we met up at a cool, non-Starbucks, welcoming coffee place, where the drinks were perfect and the atmosphere was friendly. Oh, and you’ve got to try a Milky Way. It’s basically a Café Mocha with Caramel and Whipped Cream. Mmmm. And it's even better if you get to sip on it with great company...

It was such a beautiful night, we decided to join the rank of patrons who were sitting outside.  They just happen all to be under the age of 22.  Nothing like a crowd of college kids around you to provide a sense of belonging and ease... and youth. (Actually, they were all politely jolly and, for the most part, kept to themselves.)

We talked about anything and everything: kids, blogging, jobs, marriages. You name it, it might have been mentioned because Addie and I aren't afraid to talk.  And laugh.  And get serious.  

One of the things discussed over the course of our tête-à-tête was the DISC tests. She’d taken that personality test too, so we had lots about which to converse regarding it. When I relayed how much I dislike being a D (for I think of it as demanding, directing, delusional, demonic and dorky.  Why oh why couldn't I be a nice S with a nice dose of I?), Addie said, “Shalee, you’re a D? Really? I can’t see you as being a D.”

Y’ALL. She said this statement WITH A SERIOUS EXPRESSION. She totally meant it.  And although she couldn't be more wrong and it's only because she doesn't have to live with me, I felt extremely grateful to Addie for those extremely kind words.  So much so,  I had to tell her.

And with that, I couldn’t help but smile and exclaim, “I love you, Addie!”

Then a blanket of silence covered the 10 or so people next to us. And I noticed that they were all staring in our direction, at me in particular.  Quickly, with poise and elegance, I stammered, “Ummm, well, not like THAT. I mean I love her but I don’t LOVE her, okay? I think her husband would have something to say about that…” 

Then they regaled us with choruses of “That’s okay.” “Hey, your choices are your choices.” “Well, we don’t judge around here.” And then they returned to their conversation as if some loud, loving woman had never made a remark.

Well. It’s good to know that I’ve got someplace to go where I won’t be judged if I ever have need of it. I’m pretty sure that Addie may feel quite differently, though…

Too bad. That was a really cool coffee place.

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