Thursday, September 20, 2007

IT Never Had It So Good

It's Kelli's fault really. Last Friday she sent me an email that ended thusly:

"Now- go drive IT mad. Do it for me. " 

So I did.

Kelli, this one's for you.

Problem: Brighten my Outlook, please

Problem Description - My Outlook is a bit dim. I'm sure it's because summer is behind me with cold months ahead and because I've gained back every ounce of flesh that I worked so hard to lose to wear a bathing suit, but really that is neither here nor there. My Outlook is hazy mainly because I need rights to send an email from Outlook for the following addresses: Iowa Email Users, Kansas Email Users, Missouri Email Users and Nebraska Email Users. If you could correct this situation I would be extremely grateful, not to mention capable of doing my work.

And if you could remedy the first two reasons for my dreary outlook, then I will think you worthy of high praise indeed, as well as a miracle worker. And then I know lots of women who would want to talk to you...

And if by chance they figure out some way to correct the first problems, I'll be sure to let you know...  

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