Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, My BatGirl Costume Must Be Returned...

But not my Starbucks Card from Kelli, thank goodness!  (I called her and she gave me her blessing to use it in a celebratory fashion.  That woman is just too good to me!)
Who was praying?  Seriously, who was praying about my upcoming move because if you've got that kind of connection with God, I've got some bills I'd appreciate being lifted to the Lord...  I'm offering you a hearty thanks right now for the time you spent on my dismal future move because...
The move is off!  There will be no Batcave in my immediate future!  Woo hoo!  Hello my precious window!  I feel good looking out and seeing an uninspiring view.  BECAUSE IT IS A VIEW!!
Oh God is good in so many ways, I can't even count them...
My boss called us into his office to tell us that the move is off due to the building owners making faulty business moves.  Then he looked at me and said, "Shalee, now you can rest easy about the no windows thing."  (Let me just add here that although I did have a bit of a tizzy about the no window thing at first, I've accepted it and even moved on with it.  Don't get the idea that I was complaining daily about not having any access to sunshine, sky or the essence of anything that makes work seem bearable rather than a "Joe vs. the Volcano" sort of thing.  I'm just setting the record straight...)
Now we will be moving in November into another of our new offices in town.  I can't tell you at all what my work view will be like because 1) I've not been inside it and 2) I've not seen a plan for the new set up.  But I'm giving it to God.  Window or no window - it's all good.  Especially since there's a Panera right across the courtyard from the new office. 
Life is good.  Life is Very Good. 
Maybe I can return the BatGirl costume for a new work outfit.  That's so much more practical since I'm pretty sure I'd have been fired if I had shown up in a  body-squeezing latex suit and a mask...

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