Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Into Reading 2007 #3 - Happiness Sold Separately

Yesterday I read Happiness Sold Separately, the new sophomoric work by Lolly Winston.

Hated it.  

(But hey, if you're into books with adultery; selfishness; stupidity; careless sex; relationships that focus more on looks than on the basics of marriage - such as friendship, faithfulness, unconditional love; lacks self-control on all fronts; places an undisciplined, unloved, product-of-a-one-night-stand, inconvenient 10 year old boy in many situations that a child does not belong and has a deplorable, self-serving, ugly ending that will leave you feeling hopeless and in need of a cleansing, then this book, my friends, is just for you!)

It's such a shame because her debut novel Good Grief really is worth the investment of you time and emotions.   

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