Thursday, March 20, 2008

Even If You Don't Love Me...

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It will help Blogher know what kinds of ads appeal to my readers. I'm all for putting ads up that won't offend others...

Now just so we can get on with real life, we're going to pick up the kids tonight. Can I just share with you HOW EXCITED I am to get those hoodlums back? I have to say, I'm just a teensy bit ready to have them back in the house, even if they'll mess it up and make me have to clean it much more than I did the week they were gone. Somehow, it will be worth it.

 This car shopping stuff is hard when you're on a budget, y'all. Mr. Right has seen several used 4Runners that would have made him happy, but unfortunately - they were about $2,000 above what we said we could spend. (Well there was that one on ebay for $3500, but we would have to get to Cleveland, TN to get it. Somehow, I don't want to go that far to get a car... Call me crazy, but, ummm, no.)
So although it's not a 4Runner, he has to handle having a Rav4 instead.  What?  It has a 4 in it... doesn't that count for something?  Meet the newest member of our family!

Isn't she a pretty little thing?  She's a great blessing from God.  (Sorry about the dark picture.  I took it this morning when I stopped for coffee at Panera.)

Juan, the man who sold it, seemed really nice, like someone we would have wanted to be friends with if we had known him earlier.  He worked as an Activities Director at a Senior Citizens facility.  How cool is that?!  He too was a Christian, as evident from all the CDs in his vehicle and from the decorations in his house.  The only reason that he was selling the vehicle was that his wife was expecting their first child and she wanted to get a minivan.  

Remember that we asked you to pray that we could get one at a great price?  Well this seller was willing to come down a little bit, so we got our "new" car for under what we had budgeted.  Woo hoo!  God has been so very, very good to us in so many ways.  Thank you for bringing our car matter before the Lord.  It makes me weep to know that there are others out there who will pray for someone who just needs help.

So tell me something that you're excited about. It can be anything from Spring to how you spent your refund money to painting your nails. Come on... I need some shout outs to celebrate with me. Let's go big! (I'd say "Go big or go home", but in all likelihood, you ARE home already...)

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