Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Conversation With Susanne

In an effort to keep you updated about Susanne, I thought I would just share our email exchanges.  Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as we did.

Oh, and you'll know who's who by the lack of capitol letters on Susanne's part!


your house looks awesome. praying it's going to be a real quick sale.

i'm doing much better today. yesterday was pretty hard. i had two shots of either demerol or morphine [can't remember which ;v}] in the recovery and 2 percocets when i got back to my room. needless to say they let me sleep awhile. lol. through all the drug fog though it still hurt like heck. i tried to describe it to dave and the best i could come up with was that it was a crushing pressure kind of pain like a semi truck had rolled over my hand.

anyway praise God. thank you for prayers. today is a thousand times better. i'm just hanging out reading and watcing tv and hopefully i won't have to take too many tylenol 3's. i have a longer and stiffer splint and will get some kind of orthopedic plastic cast next week.

thanks so much for everything. you don't have to write all this info if you do'nt want. i just thought i'd let you know what's going on. love ya.



Thanks Susanne. The prayers are appreciated.

Oh girl… so you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck. Ugh. I’m sorry the drugs aren’t easing your pain so that you don’t feel it. But it sounds as if they had you on quite the cocktail! I’m praising God that you’re alive, that you have medical care and that most of all, you still have a sense of humor through it all.

I’ll do an update again because we all love you and want to know what we can do to help you though we’re so many miles away.

Love you!



well i feel pretty darn good today. it was yesterday that was horrid. my hand is hardly hurting at the moment just uncomfortable because it's swollen it makes the bandaging quite snug. i can take tylenol 3 if pain starts up and that seems to really help. the itcing is a pain in the kazoo but i'm going to locate my little dowel here real quick so i can get under the badaging in some spots anyway.


Oh girl just you be careful! Right before going to college one summer, I broke my wrist. (What a horrible way to start college, with a cast around my arm!) Anyway, first day of Music Lit, my arm started itching like crazy, so I pulled out my 6” ruler and scratched away. Ahhh… Imagine my surprise when I moved my ruler back and forth only to find that my hand was empty. My ruler was stuck in my cast! Ack. So I started shaking my cast up and down, hoping it would work its way out. Others, who mind you I had not talked with anyone yet, were staring at me in wonder and amusement. Finally, FINALLY, the stupid thing came out after much digging and praying and being laughable. So what I’m saying is maybe you should try to scratch with a yard stick. :)


lol lol lol. laughter is the best medicine right? too too funny. and why is it i can totally see that happening to you?


Oh because that kind of stuff happens to me ALL THE TIME… and I’m not even trying to get attention. (Unlike all the other times when I am.)


life with you is never dull, apparently. lol.


Oh Susanne, you have no idea how much Mr. Right would agree with you on that one...

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