Thursday, May 15, 2008

10 Things I Hate About Me

Thanks Sherry at Life With Sherry for picking me to do this meme.

Of course, I can't be just like everyone else, so I had to put my little spin on things. Originally, the meme was to tell 10 things about your self, but since I've done those a few time, I thought I'd do this one with a twist. If you're tagged, then you can do whichever one suits your mood.

So hate is a really strong word. Let's change it to dislike and move on, shall we?

And it could go without saying that there are more than 10 things that I don't like about myself, especially if I'm running close to my "Give Me Chocolate And Back Away" time. Fortunately for you, I'm not near it, so I easily left it at 10.

  1. I'm pretty self-centered. I've shared with you that I struggle with thinking of others first. However, God, in all his infinite wisdom, gives me plenty of opportunities to work on this one.

  2. Sometimes, I'm dissatisfied and complain when I have no right to complain. Overall, my life is extremely blessed, and I need to remember that fact.

  3. I get angry to quickly. Too often I jump the gun about a situation without having all the facts. My poor kids... at least they get to hear an adult say "I'm sorry" a lot.

  4. I'm bossy. Sometimes it comes in handy; sometimes it's plain old annoying.

  5. I cannot remember jokes! It's so annoying to get into one and then have to backtrack because I forgot a major part and then forget the ending and wind up just tapering off at the end.

  6. I'm a terrible penpal. I started writing to Lori, aka Pezmama and now a former blogger, a couple of years ago. I kept it up for a while, but the last letter I sent to her was a Valentine's Day card. Somehow that doesn't equate to great letter writing in my book.

  7. I don't always answer the phone. Most of the time I'll let the answering machine get it. I mainly do it to prove that the phone doesn't have power over me. This tidbit drives Mr. Right nuts.

  8. I'm so forgetful. Sometimes I start something and

  9. I get envious of others too often. This attitude doesn't always work well with trying to have a God-like life. I'm sure that God's envious of nothing.

  10. I don't have the world's greatest willpower. For example, I need to exercise. I know that I need to exercise. I actually want to exercise. But if it's cold outside, I'll read a book instead. Or take this one, I'm full from dinner and quite satisfied. But I see a brownie and suddenly, I want that brownie. I need that brownie. I have the brownie, but then I regret my decision withing minutes because now I'm uncomfortably stuffed. The sad thing is that I knew I would feel that way if I ate the brownie, and I ate it anyway.
Okay now I tag Pam, Susanne, Chilihead, Sister Honey Bunch, Beck (this one should be easy for you, right?) and My Best Investments. And feel free to change the meme back to things you love about yourself if you're not as negative about yourself as I am.

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